Authentication and registration

Finally we have authentication and registration working! Cerberus server is up and running! This is the 1st out of 6th server completed.

Over the course of the following months, we’ll complete the multiplayer architecture with the other 5 servers. To give you an idea of what these 6 servers are and do, here’s a brief overview:

Cerberus – authentication server

Minerva – database (user data)

Hermes – matchmaking server

Thalia – update server

Zeus – regional EU server

Athena – regional US server

This server architecture ensures Full Metal Hunters is up and running 24/7, with as much downtime as humanly possible. The modular nature of the system allows us to push updates or access user data even in the event of catastrophic  failure.

Keep posted to learn more about how we do things here (spoiler: at least we talk like we know what we’re doing).

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